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Stand tall and cherish …




    No gemstone is more creatively colored and striped by nature than the AGATHE. It forms by minerals filling a cavity in a host rock. When split open, AGATHE nodules reveal an amazing variety of colors and patterns.

    Signature - AGATHE is as surprising and gratifying as the stone itself. It opens up with a harmony of flowers, citrus and a drop of vanilla and creates an encounter as feminine as the trail of an evening gown. Its refinement and feminine sensitivity are pervasive and addictive.



    With its exceptional lustre and unsurpassed hardness, DIAMOND is one of the most prized gemstones in the world. The ancient Greeks named it “adamas”, meaning ‘invincible’, while the clarity of the DIAMOND is symbolic of love, promise and honesty.

    A DIAMOND’s dazzling personality, exceptional lustre, and purity can seduce anyone.

    Similarly, Signature - DIAMOND seduces with classic Middle-Eastern incense notes topping a heart of mysterious oud. The sweetness and depth of amber wafts like a breeze though the dunes of the Arabian desert, while the lingering soft musky base notes leave a final memory of a sweet seduction and love.



    The GARNET has been widely known for thousands of years. It is often associated with the planet Mars, which represents survival, desire, action and energy. Many call it “the warriors stone”, as soldiers from different parts of the world wore this gem as a talisman against injury. But, it is also said to bring inspiring love, commitment, and contentment of the heart.

    It is widely known for its hardness, yet captivating for the softness of its warm shine.

    Just like the GARNET combines the power of ambition with the softness of affection, Signature – GARNET combines the masculine and the feminine, strength and delicateness.

    It blends gentle and silky rose fragrances with the intense and raw aroma of oud to create a scent that is amazingly powerful and truly exceptional. A scent for the strong-willed and the passionate.

  • JADE


    Signature – JADE was inspired by the mystifying flawlessness of ancient art pieces, carved from JADE. These green gemstone creations amaze us with their unsurpassed symmetry and the intricacy of every detail. They take us to a world of harmony and perfection, mystery and legend, opulence and magnificence, wisdom and balance.

    Signature mirrors the richness of Asian craftsmanship and the serenity radiated by JADE by perfectly combining the citrus freshness of bergamot, lemon and orange with Mediterranean fruits and warm amber, vanilla and musk. It starts sweet and strong, with the dominating fragrance of citrus. But then, the citrus subsides, giving more room to the sensuality of amber and fruits.

    The flawlessness of JADE creations and the sensuality of Signature are both mysteriously inviting, capturing the imagination, promising a world of perfection.

  • OPAL


    OPAL stand in a class by themselves. More than any other gem, each OPAL is distinctly an individual, with patterns as broad as the human imagination. Not surprisingly, OPAL is known as a stone of inspiration, enhancing one’s creativity and imagination.

    The same richness of variations, gentleness and originality is found in Signature – OPAL. Its soft, gentle, enveloping fragrance with sweet and powdery notes of jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang on a base of musk, Tonka beans and heliotrope takes us to the belle-époque. To a world of art and inspiration, romance and emotions.

    To a world where OPAL fuels spontaneity and Inspiration is what matters.

  • ONYX


    With its black lustre, ONYX has been capturing the imagination of humans for centuries. Legend has it that it is a “grounding” stone for those, who are flighty by nature and a strength -giving stone for those, who aspire to reach high.

    Signature mirrors the invigorating effect of the ONYX through its intoxicating exploration of citrus - floral aromatics, blending citrus notes with facets of cassis, apple, and pineapple.

    Its spicy woody heart is followed by a base full of noble raw materials such as amber, vanilla, oak moss and musk to create a fragrance that energizes and empowers.

    A fragrance for those, who aspire to become the masters of their own future.



    The spirit of royalty radiates from SAPPHIRE. For centuries, the blue gemstones have adorned the robes and jewelry of dignitaries across the world with their glistening splendor.

    A mix of feminine and masculine fragrances, Signature - SAPPHIRE captures the royal spirit of the stunning blue gemstone. This brave and provocative composition brings together the finest hand-selected ingredients to celebrate royal sophistication, dignity, and power: pink pepper, oil of clary sag, juniper essence, green mate absolute, oil of flouve, iris concrete, tonka bean, and oil of birch.

    Its amber and leather accords magnify the fragrance and form a divine and powerful trail. A brave fragrance. For a presence of poise and sophistication.




    Signature Ambre transposes the luxurious feel of exclusive fabrics into a sensual fragrance experience. The wearing of Ambre was for a long time the prerogative of the aristocracy. Signature Ambre fuse this preciousness with the noble warmth of ambergris.

    Gentle balsam notes and a creamy vanilla base merge into an extravagant, enthralling bouquet.

About Signature

Express without words

Sign the Moment and Shine

Your moment is now …

The Signature collection is inspired by the variety, character and mystique of precious stones along with the mystery of the Arabian Desert. As colorful as the rainbow, gemstones have captured the imaginations and desires of men & women for ages. They have an immeasurable power as each one of them is unique with its own shine and beauty. Just like people.

We remember and cherish those, who stand out and have a story to tell. Just like gemstones, we are different. Our moments are different. Our feelings are different.

If you don’t try to hide them, If you stand tall and cherish them, no matter what… If you state your presence…

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Paris Gallery launches SIGNATURE Perfumes

Dubai, UAE, April 12, 2016
Paris Gallery, the leading luxury retailer in the region, has launched SIGNATURE, a precious line of six perfumes that harnesses the legacy of the “French Renaissance Époque” and “La Belle Époque”, which were French eras rich in fashion, art and taste.

The brand’s name draws its inspiration from the belief that every individual has its own fingerprint and signature.

Presenting French creativity bottled in an oriental taste, SIGNATURE offers a unique collection that boasts finesse combined with modern, powerful scents.

Signature launches new perfume ‘Sapphire’

Dubai, UAE, July 11, 2016
Perfumes offers a unique collection that boasts finesse combined with modern, powerful scents. The latest addition to its luxury range, Sapphire is exclusively available at Paris Gallery.

Inspired by the sapphire stone which symbolizes nobility, truth and romance, Sapphire captures the royal spirit of the stunning blue gemstone, a statement said.

The compositionon features a spicy touch of pink pepper which plays with the fervent warmth of tonka bean and an amber accord.

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